Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If this doesn't make you laugh, you have a heart made of stone.

This is sure to release a little seratonin.

A tale about tails

I don't give any thought to wagging my tail. It just wags. It wags when I am asleep and awake. It wags when I am happy, when my pack leader is putting food in my dish, when she talks to me, when I am running around outside. It just wags. I really think that people who dock a dogs tail should rethink their position on that.
I understand that it is a fashion statement of sorts to improve the look of the breed.
Dogs are not into fashion. Despite what you humans do to a tail, we can still wag the stub that is left.
You humans have a way of wagging your tails too. You do it when you talk, point a finger to make a point or cross your arms. It is called body language.
That is what our tails are, a form of body language for dogs, squirrels, cats, and birds too. Our tails are designed to give us balance when jumping, flying and running etc.
Watch our tails and you will get clues as to what we are thinking and feeling. My lady says that God has body language too through what he created. I think it is important for humans to know that their body language is important and they should be aware of it.
When you create something do it like a dog wags its tail...because you can!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Love Love

This one speaks for itself. It will make you go AH!

Hey...what a life!

I am luckier than a lot of my brothers and sisters out there. My lady takes me to the vet on a regular basis. I have my own bed and my own blanket. I sleep inside while a lot of my species sleeps outside with no shelter and sometimes they are chained to a tree all of the time.
There is this way of thinking that we should be fixed so we don't increase the population and I am all for that. It was a bit uncomfortable when I had the operation
but that was then and this is now. I have to tell you though, that I was already getting ideas about this mating stuff when I was three months old so having me fixed was a good idea. There would be a lot of little Hectors and Hectorettes running around if she hadn't done it.
I have a big yard that is totally fenced in and a DOGGIE DOOR! What a fabulous invention. If you can afford this and you want to make life easier then this is the thing to do.
Now I want to make mention that I fly through that door. I love hearing that flap, flap, flap noise when I come through. Sometimes, I like to go out and in just to hear it. Now that it is warmer I will be using that door a lot.
I am feeling peaceful this morning as is usually the case unless my lady is not happy for some reason. If she is not happy I am not happy.
The lady talks a lot about gratitude and being happy with what you have. I get it!
I certainly have a wonderful life.
Anyway, that is just what is going through my mind this morning. Time to fly out that Doggie Door.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A fan sharing her memory!

This is a story sent in from one the fans of Hector's blog. I was unable to download and link the painting here.

We lost our beloved pug Roxy in February 2010. The morning that she passed started out like any other morning. She woke up and jumped off of my daughters bed and had a seizure, which are common for her breed. She died instantly. She had been a member of our family for 10 years. We loved our “Roxy Girl”, as I would call her. She brought so much joy, laughter, and unconditional love into our family. We buried her in our backyard and plan to add some memorial pieces this Spring. This painting of “Roxy” was the first animal painting I attempted and was completed several years ago. We love and miss you Roxy.

---Jackie Clarkin

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Church for animals

My church is anywhere I am. It makes no difference at all. Humans have a need to go to buildings to stay in touch with God but God is everywhere. I feel this presence every moment of my day. I am not sure what God is but I have heard my lady talk about this God for a long time. I know that God is a very Good thing.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do you remember that little guy about my size called Toto in the Wizard of Oz?
He is one of my hero's. He put up with a witch, a tornado, being carried off by a monkey monster. Wow! he was always brave and I think very talented indeed. Okay! I know it was only a movie but I think if humans just persevered and did what they had
to do it would be a better world out there indeed! Animals don't get a victim mentality unless they are abused. We just live and do. It works out pretty good.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Homer was all washed up!

Homer was the kind of cat I don't like...

As a dog and a small one at that I have mixed feeling about cats. I was actually raised around a cat for a while when I was a pup. It wasn’t my pack leader’s cat. It belonged to someone who was staying in our den. It was not a very nice cat at all. There were times I thought that cat was going to take me out for sure and maybe eat me in the bargain.
For some crazy reason that still escapes me I couldn’t resist playing with that cat’s tail and barking at it when it was taking a nap. Homer was his name and he was very mean when he was bothered during his many naps. He would wake up and give me a warning hiss but the game was so inviting that I always had to go on and rush at his face and bark and turn tail and run. Every now and then he would give chase and the game was on. I usually made sure my pack leader was somewhere nearby so she could save me from getting caught or worse. I did not want to wind up on this cats menu.

One day Homer was chasing me around the pool when I did a reverse
turn on him and he could not stop his forward momentum and fell in the pool. He was not happy with me because as I understand it most cats don’t like water but I sure do. He never chased me after that. He just ignored me or got up somewhere real high where I couldn’t reach him.
Not long after that Homer and his person moved on.

I learned that if you get a cat wet all the fun stops and to always make sure your pack leader is nearby when you are playing with something bigger than you. That is all I have for you today about kitty’s and will send you more doggie wisdom later.

Some more tips for you...from my view!

She took me for a ride and I was on a bridge that was a mile high from the ground.The smells were sweet and the view was incredible and I found out that I am not afraid of heights.


* Watching a bug crawl can be a Zen experience.

* Being cute is not enough. You have to act cute too!

* Staring at someone for a while is sure to get their attention.

* Blankets, piles of leaves and laundry baskets full of clothes
are instant nirvana.

* Try not to roll in smelly things…no one likes it.

* Refrain from licking anyone in the mouth.

* Don’t take anyone’s food; they will get mad at you.

* It is good to have manners and people etiquette, you get taken more places

* Never ever poop in the car no matter how bad you have to go.

* It is really not cool to drink out of the toilet.

From my perspective

Hector’s Dog Blog
My thoughts and musings

Love is the greatest thing of all and you can’t have too much!

Join in on what is going on. You learn new stuff and you get more hugs and back scratches.

Don’t be too eager around new people. Just allow yourself a little space while you check out their energy field.

Be very loving with your friends and family. They will eat it up.

Be respectful to your pack leader if they deserve it.

Rainy days are no fun if you have to do any business outside.

If you are sick, throw up. You will feel better.

Take naps when you need to. They recharge you.

When someone is sad, cuddle with them or get closer and be silent. That is all you have to do.

Walk with your pack leader. While it is good for you, it is also good for them. If they are behaving give them a little more leash.

Don’t snarl or growl unless you have a very good reason. It might get you in trouble.

Be in the now at all times. You don’t miss anything.

Being pampered and spoiled at times is very good for healthy self-esteem.

Having big ears or a crooked tail is okay. It serves a purpose and makes you unique.

Whistling Puppy Video...will make you smile all over.

Some of my favorite things...

This is a picture of one of my friends taking a nap!

1. I love to watch the Dog Whisperer. This guy really knows how we think.
2. My green ball. It is soft and it squeaks.
3. My back yard. It is fenced and I can run around and enjoy myself.
4. The doggie door. I can come and go as I please.
5. Maggie, my girlfriend. She is so pretty and loves to play with me. She is bigger than me but I don't care.
6. Taking walks with My human. She needs exercise and there are so many exotic smells.
7. Naps...can't get too many of them.
8. Rides in the car. I love going bye bye.
9. New people as long as they are nice.
10. Cookies. My human buys me the organic kind. They are yummy.
11. Baths. They really aren't that bad and I feel good afterward.
12. Being scratched anytime and anywhere.
13. Ladies. They are just so much more nicer to me than men are.
14. Babies. They are closer to my size and they are as fascinated with me as I am with them.

The Nose Knows

First of all it is a scientific fact that we can smell a lot better than you so I guess you could say we are led around by our noses. There are so many good smells out there and they really catch our attention.
If one of us becomes blind we can still get around just fine as long as we have our sniffer working. We can literally smell emotion as well as feel it. You should smell more, Really open up your nostrils and breathe in and smell your world.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We Grow Up!

We are kinda cute when we are babies but we do grow up and we still need as much love and attention as you gave us when we were a cute cuddly little thing. Some times you humans forget to give us what we need when we grow up and you don't have as much time for us anymore. We get lonely and we get bored with nothing to do when you are gone for hours. Wouldn't you get bored and restless if you were locked in for hours with nothing to do? Oh wait, you do have a place like that. You call it prison.
Put some music on for us when you are gone and if you have a friend ask them to walk us at least once during the day.