Friday, May 21, 2010

This is one my favorite animal friends. She is real smart.

This one makes me sad but I know we all go away somewhere and My pack leader calls this place going home to God.I am pretty sure that is where ALL BAll the kitten is.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miss Fuzz is catching critters!

The cat that lives in the house is acting like a cat. She goes on the hunt every day and catches little critters a lot. She brought home a live bird and she brought home a dead bird. She brought a few lizards in the house and one live baby bunny. She brings them in like some kinda gift or something.

It gets the household in a bit of a flurry for a while until the unfortunate critter is either released or buried.

It is kinda funny to watch three grown ladies jump into action and they make me go away if I get too curious.

I have never had the notion to kill anything. I guess I am just too well fed.
I wish the cat would quit acting like a cat in this regard. We are not close buddies but we get along and don't really harass each other. We both feel pretty happy to live here.

Right now there are a lot of critters in the back yard and so Miss Poodie keeps busy. They also call her Miss Fuzz.

It sure has been interesting around here and there is a lot of love, caring and scratches for me and Miss Poodie too even though she sometimes brings icky stuff in the house.I figured out that Ladies don't like that but men don't mind it. Go Figure!
I heard my mom talking to this God person again. I can't see who it is. I feel something like energy so that must be God.She was requesting assistance and mentoring and at the end she said..."Thank you, I am grateful," as though she already had it. That is cool anyway you look at it.
Well that is enough for now. I do have a question for you though, "why do you have so much stuff?"
I have included a photo of some more of my animal friends.

This is a GREAT DANE playing with a baby. This dog is so gentle and loving.

I told you that dogs love babies and little kids. They have no ill intent and are so genuine. Animals were meant to be your friends and companions. We will show you that way to peace.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wanting Stuff

I have watched how you humans are always getting stuff. My needs are simple. I want food, love and a place to sleep. How much more simple could that be. You are always spending time taking care of, using and storing your stuff. I have a favorite red ball and I can carry it in my mouth. That is all the stuff I have. It makes life very simple. If I should lose my ball I might be a ,little upset for a moment or two but I have all the other things I need to survive and most of all I have love to give and I get a lot of it in return.
Life is simple when you don't have a lot of stuff. Simplify and pare down would seem to be the way to go. Just my thoughts and now I think I will go chew on a bone.

Even dogs like a good song...This is so cute worthy