Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Me Food Is Important

I heard a human say that she loved being a woman. I love being a dog. I wouldn't want to be anything else except for the lady that shoves hamburgers in a bag through a window just for a day. I could eat a lot of hamburgers and then I would want to go back to being a dog.

I can't seem to get enough food and I am hungry a lot. I like people food but when my lady got wind of how bad it was for me that pretty much put a stop to handouts. I have to admit that if there is food around that I can get to, I will eat it even though I know my human is going to be very upset with me. I just can't help it. I was given a nickname of HOG DOG and It is appropriate. I don't care. I am what I am. I am a dog that loves food.

This love of food almost got me killed because I spied a huge chocolate bar on the coffee table a year ago and I ate it all in about five minutes. I left only the wrapper. When my human came into the room and knew what I did she grabbed me up and took me straight away to the vet's office. It seems that chocolate is bad for canines especially in large quantities. I only weigh 12 pounds so if you do the math you can figure out why my lady was so upset. They gave me something to make me sick and I threw up for a long time. The doctor said he had never seen so much chocolate come out of a dog before.

I hate to admit it but if there was another chocolate bar and a chance to scarf it up, I think I might do it again. It was so good! I told you, I can't help myself.

My advice is to make sure you keep any food out of reach even if you leave the room for just a minute...some of us dogs are just too tempted. It is in our nature. I remember my human praying on the way to the vets office and asking this God she talks to all the time to send me protection and let me be okay and I was. This God is a good God and I am glad she was being heard.

I Am Busy Being a Nurse!

I have a special gift and a lot of animals do. We have the gift of healing energy but so do you. Many of you just don't use the gift but you should. Have you ever noticed that when you cut or burn yourself that you put your hand on it? Deep inside...there is the knowledge that your hands hold so much healing for you and others.

We have had company lately and I like this lady a lot. She had to go the the human vet for some kind of medical things and my lady told her to come here for a few days to recover. When she is here I try and give her some of my special love and energy. I stay by her side and lay close and just love her and it seems to make her feel better.

She had a little dog and very recently had to do the right thing and let her go because her dog was sick. She was little like me and very cute and was so loved and spoiled like me. The lady's heart was broken from missing her so I am trying to help her to heal from that also.

Her dog is still here only in another kind of world that I can see and feel. She isn't dead like you humans think. She is very much alive and will be waiting for her lady when the time comes for her to go to this other side. Her dog doesn't want her lady to be sad any longer. She just wants her to be at peace and to love again
and give another dog a wonderful life like she did her.

Visit To The Vet Clinic

My lady took me to the vet last week, It was time to trim my nails and to get my check-up. I also had to get a shot. I don't like going to the vet and I sure don't like the shots and all the poking and prodding they do but I guess it is to keep me healthy and I am grateful for that. I feel gratitude for a lot of things just like you people do. I have a warm comfy bed and good food. I am fed organic food and very rarely get anything she is eating because it is people food and not dog food. I know it is because she loves me but darn it all I sure would like a piece of pizza every now and then...just a bite.
The lady vet always comments on what a good dog I am during my visits. She says I am stoic. My pack leader says that means that I have a calm unruffled manner with very little emotion. Well, she is right. She is calm so that makes me calm. It just works that way somehow. I can feel what she is feeling. I submit to what has to be done because I know that it goes much quicker that way and we can get home sooner. I always get a treat and lots of attention when I get home for being such a good boy.
This time I was sore from where I got the shot for a few days and it was difficult to lay down right and sit so I did whine a bit. When I whine, she can't stand it
very well so she will hold me and rub my ears and give me kisses. I guess you could say I kinda milked it because she was so sweet when she tended to me. It is not like I don't get attention. I get a lot of it but the sympathy attentions is extra special. It only worked for two days and she was on to me.
I have noticed you humans do this sympathy thing also but it can be carried to the extreme and it backfires on you so try not to do this very often in a deliberate way. In no time at all, other people will see right through you and avoid you. You don't want that, do you?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Dog Saving Another

I told you the animals would show us the way!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My thoughts on chilling out!

It sure has been hot and I don't want to go outside and play now. I don't want to play too much inside either. I have become what you humans call a couch potato. I say when you body is beat down from something, "take a chill pill." You have to allow yourself to relax.
Once you have done that then you have to learn to relax the mind or you will burn out and I heard my lady talking about stress and how it can kill you if you don't pay attention to what your body is telling you. She says the your scientists have proven that you can make yourself sick. I wonder what is the sense in that?
If I am tired I go find a comfy place and there are a lot of them around here. My favorite is in the leather recliner. It is perfect! It is more perfect if someone is sitting there. I can cuddle with them.
I am a very blessed little dog because I have very short fur. In fact. it is so short that I could actually get sun-burned. I am too smart for that to happen.
Well, anyway there is a lot of talk about the heat these days but I know it won't be too long and it will turn cooler and you will be dragging out the sweaters. I wear sweaters too and I have a lot of them. Remember the short fur? I think cool thoughts and dream about fall leaves and the smell of wood in a fireplace.
Then everyone will be talking about how cold it is. It never fails. It is what it is and I will adapt and not try to resist what is. There is simply no point. So what I will say again is " CHILL OUT."