Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dear God,
As I look into the mouth of the universe,
help me to be unafraid of life.

Help me strive to be joyous and find humor in the small
things and laugh with spiritual gusto.

Help me to be fully present in my life
and aware of my surroundings.

Help me to remember that I was created from
love to be love in every second.

Lastly, help me to understand that there is
no difference between the big and the little dogs
except size.

Of course we have feelings!

Well, it has been a long while since I have put anything out there for all of you humans and your pets. Actually many of you are like our pets. Do any of you humans have any idea how much you can be loved by us?
I love my lady. We snuggle at every available opportunity. I love her smell. Last time she had to board me she took a nightgown of hers with me and instructed them to put it in my bed. It worked. I wasn't nearly as agitated or lonely as long as I could smell her. I calmed right down just from her smell.
I can feel her coming home before her car hits the driveway. I start to feel her thoughts about 10 minutes before her arrival.
They say that animals have ESP, what do you think?