Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow and what I think!

The first thing I want to say is I do not like snow and I am not one of those dogs that goes out in the snow to play. Other dogs can do it if they want but that is strictly for the birds if you know what I mean. I noticed the humans playing on my street right in this cold stuff. Can you imagine?
After I go outside in the snow I come in and jump in my warm doggie bed in front of the fireplace and thaw out! I sometimes give my lady the look like I am freezing and start shaking and she will pick me up and cuddle me.
I have no problem wearing any of the sweaters in my wardrobe but honestly some of the sweaters she puts on me are a little out there. I persevere.
I miss running outside whenever I want to. The door to my own little doggie door has been closed for the winter because it lets in too much COLD air. That has been a bummer because I have to roust my lady to let me out and then bark at the back door to be let in again.
Our Cat, Miss Fuzz...loves the outdoors and she does the same thing as me all day long.
My Human said that she feels like a doorman and should dress the part. She doesn't mind really.
By the way have you thought about what it would be like if you had to poo outside in 5 inches of snow and you are only 11 inches tall. Think about it from a dogs perspective. I'm just saying. Think about it. Well, it is time for a nap. Later!

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